200 Club Membership

The Hilton Fire Department Exempts 200 Club is limited to 200 members and is open to anyone over the age of 18. Each member is required to pay a fee of $100. This fee may be paid in full or in increments throughout the year, payable to “Hilton FD Exempts Club”. Payments should be sent directly to: Hilton Exempt Club, Attn: 200 Club, PO Box 601, Hilton, NY 14468.

As a member of the 200 Club, you will enjoy the following benefits:

The dinner party is for paid in full members ONLY. Any unpaid memberships must be paid in full prior to this event, or at the door. Any unpaid memberships will be raffled or auctioned off at the party. Only one person may attend per membership. For those with memberships held by more than one person, all additional parties may attend as a guest. Guests of any member are welcome for a fee of $15.00, either in advance or at the door.


Additional Information:

If you have any questions regarding the 200 club, or if you know someone who is interested in becoming a member, you can contact the 200 Club Administrative Assistant at the phone number listed below.

Thank you for supporting the Hilton Fire Department Exempts Club.

200 Club Administrative Assistant: 200club@hiltonexempt.org